"Kala’s delicious cuisine is a natural extension of her personality - simple, elegant, and straight from the heart. Her culinary creations are well thought out and creative, bringing together the most wholesome ingredients in a spontaneous, sincere fashion. She is equally at ease putting together an exemplary ethnic meal, as she is, blending diverse flavors of the East and West, or baking those warm, comforting sweet delights, that keep you wanting to go back for more"!

"Your dishes have been so comforting and enjoyable.  I can't stress enough how wonderful it is to walk into our house and experience the lingering aromas from your cooking.  We appreciate you"!

"My immediate thought is to praise the elegance of your cuisines... Stemming from the simplicity and unpretentiousness of the fare, your creations are unparalleled"!

"Eating out is not an option! Kala's food is not just delicious but created with creativity and care - you can taste it in every bite".

"Kala is a real epicurean diva!  I can always count on her to offer a bountiful host of flavorful dishes that are sure to tantalize my taste buds and satisfy my cravings. She prepares each meal with a certain zeal that lingers in every bite.  YUMMY"! 

"Kala's culinary creations--from soups, to cakes, to main dishes--are very delicious. The combination of flavors are some of the best I've tasted".

"Kala has been a long time friend, she is very kind and cheerful.  When we stop by her place we always get to taste her delicious food.  We love her fried rice and chutney spread".

"Kala's food was delicious and we did not miss the meat"!